Lighthouse Residential


Lighthouse Residential gives you the certainty & security your home will be sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

With several hundred happy families sold & starting a new chapter, Lighthouse Residential Team will be able to provide you with a clear plan to help you move with confidence. They have a track record of selling a home almost every other day for 102% of list price and half of Lighthouse Residential listings sell in 29 days or less.


Like most people, you probably want to sell your home for the most money possible, and not leave any money on the table. You may be wondering what price do I list my home for? How do I minimize the amount of time my home is on the market and avoid the stress and uncertainty that comes with moving? The Lighthouse Residential Team will help you create a clear plan to help you move with confidence.

Working Together

Schedule A Complimentary Call

Put Plan Into Action

Pick Up Your Check At Closing

Lighthouse Residential's 3 Step Process

1. Schedule a call to discuss plan

We work directly with each client to create a clear plan and timeline for selling, buying, or renting your home. The first stage includes:

  • Determining fair market list price if selling. 
  • Determining a price point for buying or renting.  
  • Creating a realistic timeline.
  • Clear communication plan and weekly follow up.

2. Lighthouse Residential will custom tailor a plan to accomplish your goals!

Using proven strategies to prepare your home and market in creative ways to increase exposure and ensure a quick selling process. We will walk you through every step which includes:

  • Identifying any changes that need to be made before listing
  • Professional photos and digital staging  
  • Digital and print marketing 
  • Recently listed calls to neighbors 
  • Weekly feedback and insight from each showing

3. Pick up your check at closing

We handle the work of receiving and negotiating offers while you focus on packing and moving into your new location. In this final exciting stage you can expect:

  • Negotiate the best price for your home
  • Accepting and finalizing offer
  • Attorney review, inspections, and required steps with the town
  • Closing day and follow up moving process
Ready For Your Move?